March 1, 2021

High Volume Image & Video Content Creation

FUSIONIQ is our proprietary tech for automating high-volume content creation. When the possibilities are endless with products that come in multiple options and variants, clients need an efficient way to manage the process.

This is where FUSIONIQ comes in…

We start with a base 3D model – what we call a Digital Double. We use the components of this Digital Double using automation to create every derivative of your product.

Materials are then scanned using our proprietary scanning tech; MATERIALIQ before we apply every material option, product label or graphic automatically.

So, why use FUSIONIQ…

- Versatility – sure you can achieve some of the results of multiple product variants with photography and retouching, you can even automate some of it, but you’ll never achieve the results that you can with FUSIONIQ. Edit your digital double and combine it with every product finish or label variation, texture, relief, reflectivity – all shown accurately. Add the fact you can create still imagery and video content, and you have a really powerful content production solution.

- Consistency and Futureproofing – the studio set-ups we create in FUSIONIQ are just like photography, only better. Any camera angle, any lighting style, any product combination, all shown with absolute consistency and accuracy. Plus it’s digital, revisit it thousands of times if the future and your results will always look the same, always matching your brand DNA.

- Automation – data driven at the core, FUSIONIQ harnesses the power of CGI combined with code. Millions of outputs are managed seamlessly from key product data, and those outputs are created complete with automated image naming and meta-data embedded driving efficiencies in speed and accuracy.

- A Managed Solution – as much or as little as you like. The automation features outlined above allow us to provide a fully integrated content production and management solution. We can take your content from brief through to delivery directly into your CMS, PIM, DAM or ERP systems without you ever having to handle a single file, adding speed and reducing management time.

It’s time to unlock the possibilities of volume content production with FUSIONIQ.

FUSIONIQ is versatile, consistent, automated, future proof – a managed solution:

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