April 11, 2022

CCW Continues Rapid Growth with 7 New Hires

It’s been busy here at the CCW HQ since we announced our recent rebrand from Visual Method to Creative Content Works following 300% growth! The momentum hasn’t stopped, we’ve since hired 7 new starters across every area of the business to help us in our next phase of rapid growth. 

We thought it was about time we introduced them!


Variety is the spice of life they say, but for Jennifer communication has always been at the heart of things. She is an internationally published Photographer and Retoucher, skilled in Art Direction, Marketing, Picture Editing, and Copywriting.  

With 10+ years of client-side, agency and international freelance experience she has worked with a variety of businesses including the BBC, JD Sports, and Garda Trentino Marketing. A natural teacher with a love for learning, she has delivered talks on subjects such as “Is a creative career for you?” and “Imitation vs inspiration – copyright in the digital age.” Jennifer believes if you can imagine it, you can achieve it, especially in 3D!

Career highlight: Apart from seeing her work on billboards, she admits that being commissioned to photograph a 1700km bike race in Kyrgyzstan felt awesome. “There’s nothing quite like opening a package to find a freshly printed, great-smelling copy of a magazine with your work in.” 

Fun Fact: In 2016, Jennifer changed her life completely to teach English in Trentino, Italy. She returned in 2020 speaking Italian with a love of ski mountaineering and an array of amazing life experiences. 


Dimitar Vranchev joins us as our latest recruit into the modelling team. Dimitar helps to bring our brand ideas to life creating the highest quality, photorealistic CGI content. Crafting 3D models or ‘digital twins’ that are indistinguishable from the real thing! As a skilled product and interior designer, he has experience in a wide range of related disciplines such as stage set design, furniture and product development, art installations and film production.  

We asked Dimitar how he felt about joining CCW… “Last year, I graduated from a Master’s degree focused in Spatial Design from the New Bulgarian University. No doubt there’s a crossover between spatial design and digital content creation. I’m excited to see how I can apply what I’ve learnt in a new industry and have the chance to produce work for some of the leading names in retail.”

Outside of work: When I’m not designing, I love sports - snowboarding, basketball and spending time with my friends and family.

Fun Fact: Back in 2019, I set up a Design Studio with my friend creating high-end, luxury interior lights made of rusted steel and neon light tubes. 


Jon joins the CCW Team from Trinity Create and brings with him 20 years’ experience within the creative, marketing, 3D and CGI agency sectors with previous roles at the likes of Blink, CIC and McCann.

Jon commented, “Since joining Creative Content Works, it’s clear that everyone gives 110, no... 200%. Everyone’s got that drive – to get the job done, to the highest standard possible, whatever it takes. It’s a great place to be.

From working with a wide range of brands in the UK and Internationally, I understand the need to ensure first-class client service (with a commercial edge), not only do we need to make sure we exceed our client expectations, but we are adding real-world value and a return on investment. Our customers need to get bang for their marketing buck!”   

Outside of work: I enjoy playing Roblox & Barbie with my three kids (all girls!) and like to wake up at 5AM to lift heavy plates of cast iron around my gym.

Fun fact: I made my screen debut with Timmy Mallet on Wackaday circa 1989 (showing my age) and have since appeared in a well-known electrical brand’s TV ad campaign (casting budget cuts).


Megan’s our latest recruit into the New Business team, she’ll help to drive forward new business opportunities with new retailers and brands in the UK. Having previously worked as an Account Manager and Marketing Assistant at a number of creative agencies, Megan is well versed in creative branding, campaign management and website development, delivering digital transformational projects for clients of various sizes and sectors.

Originally from Cornwall, she decided to swap the sea for the city and a new adventure. “I’m very excited to join the Manchester team at CCW and enter into the world of metaverse ready content!” 

Outside of work: I enjoy going to the gym or for a nice long walk, most likely resulting in a beer-garden pit stop on the way home! I love a night out but starting to love an early night with a cuppa and a good book these days. I’m a big foodie, so enjoy finding the best spots to eat and drink around Manchester.  

Fun fact: I’m yet to try a foodstuff that I don’t like.


Asad joins CCW from The Hut Group and brings extensive experience in accounting best practice having previously worked at one of the leading “Big 4” accountancy firms, PwC. With over a decade partnering with some of the largest public and private businesses both in the UK, and internationally, Asad has built up a wealth of experience across a wide range of sectors including Digital Commerce, Retail and FMCG – helping to uplift shareholder value at every opportunity. At CCW, Asad will help to improve our financial processes, operations and reporting as we continue to grow the business.

We asked Asad how he felt about joining the team: “This is an incredible opportunity to join an exciting business, in a high-growth sector. I’m looking forward to working alongside CCW’s talented management team to help deliver our growth ambitions over the coming years as we continue to invest in our people and technology to deliver exceptional service to all our clients.”

Outside of work: I enjoy spending time with my wife and younger daughter. I’m a bit of a foodie, I’m always on the lookout for the best places to eat. To offset the calories, I recently invested in a bike!

Fun fact: Back in 2007, when I asked the R&B hip hop superstar Akon (and his dad) how he was doing, he answered he was busy working on something special. You’d forgive me for thinking it was a new album, but in fact was a project providing electricity to millions of low income households in Africa. Since launching in 2014, Akon Lighting Africa, now has operations in 14 nations across the continent.


With almost a decade of experience leading teams across video production and still imagery for B2B and B2C clients, Dan Veal will help CCW to create amazing and effective video campaigns whilst building efficiencies across the department.

We asked Dan how we felt about the new role, “Having previously worked as Head of Production specialising in all things live action at an advertising agency in Cardiff, this is a really exciting chance to develop my skills in the CGI market. I’m looking forward to helping to nurture the team around me using the skills and traits I have learned over the past 7-8 years.” 

Outside of work: Moving from Cardiff to Manchester was a big change, but such a great one! I’m loving exploring the city, meeting new people, and making my way around all the great restaurants in town.

Fun Fact: I’m a foodie at heart. It’s a bit of a strange combination but I love both hot sauce and wine in equal measure. Although, preferably not at the same time!


Lauren joins CCW as our new Account Director and brings a wealth of experience in client-side digital communication strategies in the FMCG and leisure industries. Her work has found her jet-setting between London and Hong Kong. After years living ‘the London life’, she recently made the decision to return north to Wilmslow in the outskirts of Manchester. 

We asked Lauren how she feels about the new role, “In my previous life at Code Computerlove, I really enjoyed focusing on the part that digital strategy has to play in helping large-scale businesses achieve their growth goals. I’m excited to see how this applies to the work we do here at CCW... Gone are the days of optimising the checkout and web navigation. Sure, it’s important but most brands have already fine-tuned this. Now more than ever, brands are focusing on providing engaging content that bridges the instore online gap. I’m excited to see how CGI content plays its role in the ever-evolving digital world.” 

Outside of work: I’m an adventurer at heart, I love spending time in the mountains snowboarding and cycling, and in the water - sailing and diving in shipwrecks… That’s not all, I  recently got my powerboat license! I also make a (locally) famous lemon curd and have the beginnings of an orchard to brew my own cider.

Fun fact: I own upwards of 50 pairs of trainers….and have regular clear outs.


We’re always on the lookout for new talent to join our growing team here in the UK and Bulgaria with plans to expand the team by 20 new starters in this year alone! Keep an eye on our Linkedin profile where we’ll post fresh new content, events and job vacancies. Or head over to Instagram where you’ll get an insight into life behind the scenes at CCW.


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