April 1, 2021

Delivering through TECHIQ

In a previous post we have talked about our philosophy around creating bespoke tech to solve our clients issues. It’s something we have always done and something we love. In this post we’ll dig into some of the products that make up the TECHIQ offering and what they really mean for clients.


If content is king, then scale is the emperor, something like that anyway. We know that the ability to scale quality content images is a vital part of any modern brand. FUSIONIQ uses automation to create not hundreds or thousands of images but millions. From one quality ‘digital double’ our automated software creates millions of still and video outputs for use across every marketing channel.  We are creating images and efficiencies like never before.


Traditionally creating high quality realistic rendered fabric has been very challenging. We were not happy with existing solutions so we made our own. MATERIALIQ captures all fabric and materials for digitally native content production. A bespoke piece of hardware with multiple cameras, MATERIALIQ captures the colour, surface relief, transparency and reflectivity properties of every product. The output is PBR (physically based rendering) ‘digital doubles’ for use in every form of 3D rendered content.


What we call ‘Digital Doubles’ are increasingly becoming the cornerstone for any modern marketing campaign. Getting that first rendered image spot on is essential. We built CAPTUREIQ  to make the 3D scanning that makes the foundation of any digital double, faster, cheaper and higher quality.


Part of the problem of working with rendered images is asset storage and delivery. There is no point creating millions of images if you can’t find or deliver them. Over the last decade we have honed our management system into CONTENTIQ:  a custom integration consultancy capable of delivering millions of images direct to your DAM or web-site CMS. Everything happens automatically without you ever having to host or manage them. Giving you both better access and peace of mind.


We believe that every single ecommerce image has much more potential than just a cut out on a white background. We take your digitally native content and make it playable. Our system allows every product to have interactivity like resizing and re-colouring. But we go further than that. We are building AR capability and configuration tools into images creating a much richer experience. An experience we know increases conversion rates 2x and leads to a 40% reduction in returns.

With TECHIQ we have created a suite of bespoke technology to solve current and future content creation problems. We’ll keep building more but in the meantime if you would like to see a demo or find out how we can improve you content production please contact us.

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