November 2, 2022


Another BIG announcement this week from one of our favourite customers, Dreams who recently unveiled “The Drift”. The UK’s first-ever king size gaming bed - complete with a built-in TV, storage for consoles, USB ports, space for your headphones and LED lights. Dreams developed the bed in response to research which found that over 50% of the British population now embraces gaming as a form of entertainment.

Fabio Perrotta, Director of Buying at Dreams, said: 'We've seen a real shift in attitudes towards gaming since the pandemic, as well as a demand in people wanting to enjoy the gaming experience in comfort and style. Dreams understand that beds are so much more than just a place for us to rest our heads, which inspired us to create our first ever gaming bed.”

Grant Tildsley, Creative Director at CCW comments: “This was a great project to work on because the nature of the product led all of the creative and strategic thinking, from set design through to animation the gaming aspect was key. At the video stage we increased the camera speeds and dynamic moves to feel more like a gaming advert, while the lighting allowed that playful aspect to shine through. Pushing our clients' work forward in this way, tweaking visual and audio cues to a potential customer, can stop the scrolling and help social content really stand out."


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