December 12, 2022


In this blog, we ask Vladimir Mulhem, Technology & Innovation Director at CCW "What are the tech trends driving innovation and shaping the eCommerce sector that you are most excited about for 2023?"

We’re on the verge of a new frontier of commerce. The way we interact with the internet will evolve over the next decades to a fully immersive 3D world from the 2D internet that we know so well. This will have a profound impact on the way we work, play and shop. E Commerce is a bi-product of the 2D internet. What the future holds for eCommerce in the Metaverse age is still evolving. One thing that is clear is that brands can take steps to prepare for that future today, by investing in Metaverse ready content. This investment can be used now in the 2D internet for the creation of better still and moving product imagery as well as the seeds for the future 3D Metaverse - AR and VR and immersive product customisation. This will ultimately enable those brands to cut through the noise, better engage audiences and improve the quality of their shopping experiences. 

Metaverse Ready Content 

The brands of tomorrow, will be those that blur the lines between the physical and digital customer experience to engage on a more meaningful level with Metaverse Ready Content. We predict that there will be a rise in the use of CGI and Digital Twin Technology, allowing you to create an exact replica or “digital twin” of your products in a virtual space. You can model everything from shoes, to handbags and small accessories to large furniture and complex products and environments. In a nutshell, Digital Twin technology sets the foundation for what’s possible in the Metaverse. You can take your 3D model and make it playable (think 360 spins, videos and more). 

AR In-Room Product Previews

At CCW, we think Augmented Reality (AR) and “In-Room” Product Previews are here to stay. The better and more accurate your product imagery is on your website and in your marketing material - the more confident the shopper will be in their purchasing decisions. If buyers can effectively “try before they buy” or visualise a product in their own home - the more confident they’ll feel to convert. We believe AR is a quick win that will lead to fewer returns, less shipping costs and ultimately make a demonstrable difference to your bottom line.

3D Product Configurators

3D and interactive product configurators are another tool we’re starting to see more of in the online retail and B2B space. Just as with AR - Configurators will soon become the norm allowing buyers to visualise, and customise products in stunning 3D environments. Configurators remove barriers to what is often a lengthy sales process. A simple concept well executed could be the difference between a lost sale and a lifelong customer. Critical in today’s ever-more competitive retail landscape. 

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