January 28, 2022

Interior Trends 2022: Webinar On Demand

As a retailer, manufacturer or interior designer it's imperative that you stay on top of the current and future design trends to improve your product marketing and boost conversions.

Our super talented Styling team at Creative Content Works, formerly Visual Method, have been busy creating the latest in-house Interior Trends bible, focusing on what the market will be driven by in 2022. Watch our webinar below to learn what colours, materials and textures you should be adopting in the year ahead!  

In this bitesize 25-minute webinar, we'll give you a whistle-stop tour of 4 interior trends you can't afford to miss in 2022. Simply, click on the embedded video below to watch it now:

* This Trends Report webinar contains images from various publications. The copyright in the images do not necessarily belong to Creative Content Works and/or Visual Method. If you own the copyright to any of the images shown in our trends report, please email hello@visual-method.com and we'll credit you below.


In less than 30 minutes, you'll learn:


Hi, everyone. First off, I just want to thank you all for taking the time to join our interior trends for 2020 to webinar. I'm Grant, Creative Director here at Visual Method, and today is a short session that will run for about twenty five minutes. We'll cover four key interior design trends for the year looking at colours, textures and materials to adopt and really focus on in your 2022 product strategies. Then a quick overview of how these trends can be used in practice. And we'll end the session with a live Q&A with the creative and interior styling team here at Visual Method.

Presenting today we've got Jo Thatcher, who is our Head of Styling, and Molly Woodward-Moor, who is a Senior Stylist here at Visual Method.

As I mentioned, we'll have a five minute Q&A that will include Jo, Molly, myself and Ed Kennon, who is our Sales and Marketing Director.

You should be able to see a Q&A box where you can ask questions throughout the session, and at the end we'll try to answer as many of these as possible. They can be about interior trends or the work we do here at Visual Method, and please do send some questions in - because if you're thinking it, it's likely a lot of other people are too.

Once again, thanks everybody for joining us. With that, I'd like to hand over to Molly.

Hi, everyone, and welcome to our 2022 Trends webinar. We annually pull together this document for all our clients to give an idea of forthcoming trends, and this helps influence the room set imagery we then produce.

We analyze all sorts of influences from around the world political, economic, global pandemics, everything which plays a part in how we live, work and adapt our homes for 2022.

We will definitely see two main groups emerging and consumers.

One will be full of excitement and exuberance, embracing the freedom that's come from the distribution of vaccines and reduction of restrictions.

Whilst the other group at the other end of the spectrum will have found they actually quite enjoyed the slower pace of life that COVID has forced upon them. And we'll be very much about caution, familiarity and staying at home.

This year's interior trends focus on innovation, comfort and strength, stepping into a post-pandemic world and the future beyond.

The first theme of 2022 is Freedom. So as the name suggests, this trend is all about being optimistic, embracing the newfound freedoms which will hopefully come soon enough and is about taking it to the MAX.

It encourages us to look forward, be loud, be proud whilst enjoying the freedom from restrictions, and cautions that have plagued us for two years. It's bold, it's bright and it's fun.

The colour palette for this trend definitely reflects that, and the first one is Fever Pink. So, this is a colour that embraces escapism. It has a luminous, fantastical feel to it, and we think we'll see more and more consumers using it as a channel for creativity.

These warm, spicy pinks encourage curiosity and fire up the imagination. You can use this in various ways so you can go bold and use it on all the walls. Statement walls, as you can see here on this image on the left. But then you can also pare it back and just use it on cushions or maybe vases, small accessories, upholstered headboard, things like that. And it really just depends on bravery and personal preference. It has a really youthful feel, so we think it would work really nicely in modern creative spaces, whether that's educational settings from the kitchen or a teen bedroom.

Another bold, cheerful colour is Sunset Sorbet. This one is all about promoting joy, optimism and provides the perfect antidote to the seriousness of modern life. You can embrace this palette again in multiple ways, so the more muted sunflower tones on the left hand image paired with those deep blues give quite a calm, serene feel. But then you can go bolder and have the deep reds and the deep oranges on rogue's upholstery, statement sofas, things like that. It also works beautifully when used in a more natural hugging curved shape, such as the painted arch in rooms, which is still a trend that is more and more mainstream as we go forward or graphic circular prints, wall art, things like that could work really nicely as those little pops of colour.

The key material we have identified for freedom is structured patterns.

These shapes are quirky and fluid, and they draw influence from natural forms, things like cell structures and leaf patterns, bringing those in and and using some more vibrant colours to create those patterns. We see these shapes working really well on rugs. As you can see here, most of these images of rugs, but also could work really well on bedding and walls to create the balance within a design scheme. These woven materials are striking and can create a real statement in a room. They're just as appealing in a bold contrast in monochrome. Some of these examples here show or in the more optimistic bright colours for a cheery, modern feel.

And the trend that pulls everything together for Freedom is one that we're calling Goddess.

So this trend is centered around having a fun outlook on reality and not taking life too seriously. It encourages people to design their surroundings, which will stimulate and invigorate and flourish their personal lives. Maximal florals, statement brass accents and art deco influences have been rising over the past few years, and we still see them continuing in 2022.

Velvets and upholstery have well and truly permeated the high street now, so the popularity doesn't seem to be waning, as you probably know. But we're going to see these more punchier colours coming in indulgent pigment in shades, and I think they will reign supreme for this trend. Creating a palette that has a real warmth and welcoming quality to it.

And in the same way that people embrace the freedom and the hedonism in the nineteen twenties, we feel like 2022 will be all about introducing fun back into the home. So, hopefully we'll see some really bold designs and patterns coming forward.

On the opposite side of the fence is Sanctuary, which focuses on those who quite enjoyed the slower pace of life. The restrictions encouraged us to pursue and therefore seek to create an oasis of their own that they can retreat to to seek their inner safety. It is a less is more approach and draws a lot of influence from nature, bringing a sense of calm into the home amidst the external uncertainty. It highlights the importance of self-reflection through serenity, muted tones and raw materials.

The first colour for sanctuary is olive oil. We tend to always see a version of green in our trends every year. It's always an important colour in interiors because of its association with nature and wellness. And for 2022, we will see this plant based hue of olive oil gain in popularity. It's very nourishing, balanced and a bit more grown up than the greens of the past trends. Combining it with leathers, deeper forest greens and lots of plants makes it feel timeless and relatable. But much like its namesake, it works as a great base alongside lots of other colours. It's an incredibly versatile colour, with a trans seasonal quality, making it suitable for a variety of uses and markets.

The second colour is Buttercream, which is the next step forward from the pages we have seen making a comeback over the last year. It still follows a neutral trend, but as the name suggests, this yellow tone is a soft, buttery colour, which has a creamy, almost edible quality to it. When paired with pastels, it takes on a sweet, sugary feel, but also looks really tasteful and modern in a kitchen setting when paired with marble worktops and brass accents.

The key material for this theme is Rich Wood. Darker woods have seen a rise in popularity over the last year and is set to overtake the paler sandy oaks that might have dominated for so long. It's sophisticated, warm and mature with an air of nostalgia about it, too. It conveys a sense of durability that will stand the test of time and be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. This is a true, versatile material that will work beautifully for headboards, furniture, kitchen cabinetry.

We predict this material will be popular across all furnishing categories, including purely decorative settings in the shape of wall paneling and cladding. It sits beautifully against both dark marbles and pale stones, complementing the natural elements within the tones and patterning.

And to sum up, Sanctuary, we have the trend Counterbalance, which embraces all of what we've seen creating surrounding spaces based around genuine raw materials and natural inspired colour palettes.

We're encouraged to seek out lovingly made artisanal pieces and untreated materials to take us back to basics. Rattan linens, walls and pottery gives us that instant grounding connection to nature. Bringing back a sense of balance and a world of uncertainty is key here. Using influences from nature to create warm, welcoming homes that also act as a personal retreat. It's all about slowing down, taking stock and moving forward in a considered way. Following on with the more reserved consumer group, we look toward our next theme, which is eco in all the global uncertainty with climate change, political upheaval and pandemics. Customers are looking for ways to do their bit and regain some control and in a calm, they feel the need to counteract the feeling of overwhelming helplessness that global disasters can trigger. Sustainability has long been a buzzword, but 2022 will finally be the year when people actively change up their consumer habits. This includes shopping, local, reusing, repurposing and replacing fast fashion with well-made carbon neutral products.

The first colour for Eco is Dulux's Colour of the Year "Bright Skies". Dulux describe this colour as a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to feel free, open the windows and shake off the cobwebs. It is a joyful, energising colour that supports our desire to feel released and revived. It can act as the hero colour as well as a neutral. Just as the sky is nature's constant neutral, it's everywhere and it complements everything.

Applying it to walls opens up the space and encourages the AI to look upwards. Using it in upholstery also gives a really fresh spring look, which is just what we need after the dark winter. Next up is Burnt Brown, which is a lovely, earthy, nutty colour. Also described as nature's brown, it is another reminder of the environment around us and our innate need to protect it. It brings us back to our roots as humans, returning us to feelings of nurture, mother nature and home. The colour sits beautifully against natural stones or mineral colours, just as it would in the natural environment. It has a feeling of nostalgia and heritage and works beautifully in traditional settings such as shaker doors and ornate architectural details. It has a magical quality to revive outdated spaces, and using this colour on the wall gives a sophisticated feel to any interior, and you can see how the rich wood material trend would fit in here.

The material we have identified as being key for Eco is Cork. Now, Cork has been hovering around the edges of interior design for a few years, but we think 2022 is a year it will really come into its own. It's the ultimate organic renewable material, which is both amazing as a sound and thermal insulator. It's incredibly durable, making it suitable for commercial spaces as well as floors, walls, furniture to create a statement look. It holds a unique texture and is a great addition to a range of styles and tastes.

It has warmth and a crafted aesthetic that lends itself to a more bohemian style. But it is also great as a rustic accent in a contrasting environment such as really contemporary, modern, clean lines.

Wasteland is our main trend for the Eco theme. It represents a renewed wave of determination to rebuild and protect the planet. It calls for innovation and ingenious ways to combat the perils of climate change. Again, it looks to nature to form a soothing colour palette inspired by a cool mineral tones and punchy natural dyes. It's a movement that aims to introduce new ways of manufacturing, such as using recycled plastics to create a weave of raw material that is turned into rocks and using more eco friendly materials on walls and floors. Stripping back the disposable luxuries is the key here.

And for a final theme for 2020, we have Digital.

Digital is all about embracing ever evolving technology and exploring new ways of betraying products. It's a fresh twist on storytelling and escapism. We're already seeing the rise and acceptance of CGI and NFTs and digital landscapes, which are ephemeral and game like, and the future possibilities of these are unbounded. To draw this concept back and translate this into a digestible interior trend, it's all about diving headfirst into the eccentric escapism from our everyday realities. The colour palette is loud and graphic, with Pantone Colour of the Year Veri Peri up first.

It's the first year Pantone have created an entirely new colour. Instead of selecting the colour of the year from existing palettes, which in itself reinforces the whole digital ethos and invention, it's described as symbolizing transition a new possibilities. It has hope and definitely has that graphic digital quality to it. When used in interiors, these spaces almost become otherworldly and space age.

Our next colour is True Blue, which is a mid-term blue that is moving away from the popular navies we've embraced in the past. It's a punchy, richly pigmented colour with an almost electric feel, again drawing on that technological influence. It's a very deep, tempting colour that makes you want to sink right into it.

Blue has always been seen as a trustworthy, dependable colour, so it perhaps appeals to the safer customer. One that likes the idea of the trend, but isn't quite brave enough to go all out again. This he works lovely on soft upholstery, as well as kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. The material trend we have placed in digital is subdued. Terrazzo again, terrazzo is not new or groundbreaking, but it's something which is gaining popularity with the mass market and continue to evolve year on year.

Last year we saw lots of colourful, bold terrazzo designs, but this year it's all about scaling it back and creating something which will stand the test of time. These manmade patterns are again almost space age and look, but act as a more neutral background rather than being two dominant tiles are the natural choice here, but the patterns were just as well on textiles and rugs.

And finally, we have Digital Utopia as our final trend for twenty twenty two. This is heavily influenced by dreamscapes, boundless aesthetics and all sense of realism goes out the window. Imagery like this would be great for PR shots and adverts as they are eye catching and attention grabbing. The palette is a louder, punchier take on pastels, so even if the eccentric imagery is not something you wanted to pursue, you could take the key colours and apply them to kitchen cabinets, fabrics or even branding to create that attention grabbing statement.

Thanks for that, Molly and Jo. Really, really interesting to get some insight in some of the trends that we're going to be seeing in 2022. I hope everyone enjoyed the webinar. As a business, Visual Method works with some of the biggest retailers and consumer brands in the UK, not only on trends and designs, but also creating beautiful, engaging content that drives sales. We're doing this through a hybrid of CGI production, traditional production and using our creative team to really bring ideas to life, which hopefully you've seen some of today.

Now, we're going to have a five to 10 minute Q&A session now, so feel free to ask any questions about the Trends webinar or any wider questions you might have about Visual Method or the work that we do. I'll hand you over to the team to answer any questions.


This Trends Report webinar contains images from various publications. The copyright in the images do not necessarily belong to Creative Content Works or Visual Method. If you own the copyright to any of the images shown in our trends report, please email hello@creativecontent.works and we'll credit you below.

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