September 13, 2022


Creativity is the best way through a crisis

We recently read an article in The Drum with advertising legend John Hegarty; He has endured a recession almost every decade of his 60-year career. As another recession looms, he talks about why investing in creativity is the best way through a crisis. “If you can’t outspend your competition you can at least outthink them”.

We couldn’t agree more! It’s about being more creative with the resources you have. 

Though an adman through and through, when Hegarty talks about creativity he doesn’t just mean pumping out new marketing campaigns mindlessly - there are a myriad of ways in which ’getting creative’ can help a company become more effective and more efficient. Often times you can't change your marketing budget but your can change the way they've been executed. We feel like this approach can be applied to every area of your marketing mix - but in this blog we've focused on specifically TV advertising and ways in which your budget could be better spent.

There is no Magic Bullet

The main benefit to TV advertising is the mass audience it reaches. So many big, international ad agencies sell the idea that excessive money and resources should be put into a TV campaign, and the results will show for themselves. But this simply isn't true. TV advertising can be very expensive when you factor in the filming, editing, travelling to locations, and the excessive cost of advertising itself, you could be looking at spending up to £1m, so in return you’d expect to yield huge results. But spending money doesn’t make your ad better, in fact, it’s possible the exact reverse is true.

With TV advertising, it’s not all about the money but the ecological waste too. Companies across all industries should be leading the way when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint, and with a TV campaign often involving flying around the world, is there really much point?

So, where would your budget be better spent?

Why spend £1m on one film with the odds stacked against you? Why not make 50 pieces of content at £20k and use technology to amplify and iterate? Of course, CMOs and agencies are not set up to produce content at this scale, and one TV advert would be much simpler. That said, with advances in technology and automation, it’s becoming easier to produce and deliver multiple pieces of content at scale...

The primary function of marketing is business growth, so you should be looking at value over spend. This is where digital-first solutions come in – not only will it save on costs but it’s also far better for the planet, and that’s because there’s no need to ship products to multiple locations, cutting down on unnecessary miles and CO2 emissions.

The benefit of TV advertising is that it engages a mass audience, but with today’s world of on demand TV and recording, does anyone sit through the advert break like they used to? So, why spend millions of pounds on one campaign when you can create several interactive experiences or short form videos for social media for a fraction of the cost?

Technology should be the cornerstone of every campaign; Advances in technology now mean that rich media and interactive experiences such as Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and 360 product videos are easier and more affordable than ever. Interactive experiences help to boost engagement and buyer confidence in ways that still images and product reviews simply can’t. If you breakdown the cost per conversion, these options are much more valuable and cost effective than TV advertising ever could be and should be prioritised, unless you’re a global brand with deep pockets and money to burn.

And finally, there is creative. Before setting up CCW, two of our Creative Directors - James and Flo - were working at Anomaly and Wieden & Kennedy, two of the best agencies in the world. James made a 30 second TV ad for Facebook’s video conferencing hardware device, Portal and Flo made a 60 second TV ad to relaunch classic Coke Globally. Big agencies. Big clients. Big budgets.

It doesn’t need to be that way. It’s fine to make a TV ad but surely there has to be a better way of spreading the content around. Seeing what works and allocating budgets accordingly.

Whilst we're not Saatchi, Wieden + Kennedy or Anomaly we do have years of experience working with some of the biggest global brands. Think Coke, Facebook, Niantic and Brewdog. As industry leaders in digital campaigns we are able to ensure the creative is simply amazing! We provide world-class creative fused with technology and automated content production, at a fraction of the cost of an above the line agency.

For more information how we can make your budget go further contact us.

Take a look at our showreel below and if you want to read about James and Flo's experience working on the Facebook Portal, Coke and Serious Pig campaigns click here.


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