October 8, 2021
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REALITYIQ: The Future of Customer Experience Excellence

CX Innovation: Covid as a catalyst

CX (or Customer Experience) has grown rapidly in importance as a focus area for brands and retailers over the past 12 months. Why? Pretty much overnight, the pandemic has brought about huge changes in consumer buying behaviour. Leaving many retailers seeking ways to connect with customers in the ‘New Normal’.

Covid has been a catalyst for CX innovation, driving the need for retailers to connect people and products digitally.

Introducing immersive or interactive technologies into your company’s eCommerce and CX plans helps you to reach out to customers in new and innovative ways. It provides a new channel for human connections and critically bridges the gap between the offline and online experience. As interactive experiences become more realistic and immersive, consumers are able to make more confident buying decisions, and essentially ‘try before they buy’.  The bottom line. CX will have a direct impact on your conversion rate and revenue online.

According to Adobe, 53% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for a better customer experience.

David Clarke, Global CXO and Experience Consultant at PwC explains that the retailers that are thriving “are the ones that are embracing design, investing in innovation, and working toward perfecting the customer experience. […] They’re also seeing higher premiums being paid on their products, and higher loyalty, too.” (Source)

REALITYIQ: The Secret to an Elevated Customer Experience (CX)

RealityIQ is our suite of tools that enables brands and retailers to push the boundaries of customer experience.

What do brands and retailers need to consider when using tech to elevate their CX? We believe the top 3 key considerations are…Engagement, Immersion and Conversion.

It is then how you align these with the key stages of your sales and marketing funnel.

1 – Driving Engagement

Striking the balance between allure and function is the key to increased engagement. You want an exciting experience, well-marketed and positioned in the customer journey, but if this fails to deliver then increased sales (or brand awareness) will not necessarily follow.

So what are the key ways to engage your customers?

Interactive brand experiences are an innovative way to connect the customer to your product through Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) or Mixed Reality (MR).

Example: Kraken Rum

A great example from one of our customers is Kraken Rum’s use of a webAR application to re-engage people with the brand post-lockdown,

Our team of creatives and technologists worked with Kraken to create an interactive experience to promote their new signature serve. Helping the infamous Kraken come to life through your mobile phone.

Each client, brief and objective is different. This is where a bespoke, tailor-made solution solves engagement, awareness and brand building challenges in any retail category.

2 – An Immersive Customer Journey and Unlocking Barriers

How can brands and retailers use technology to unlock the customer journey giving them every option to build intent?

We’re seeing a relentless rise in clients using AR to allow customers to bring products into their home, view them, try them on ‘virtually’ and customise them.

Technology can provide enhanced validation, qualification and boost basket sizes in eCommerce. AR helps customers remove any doubt and commit to big-ticket items that are hard to ‘try before you buy’ such as sofas, coffee tables or wallcoverings. Configurators allow customers to see every option (finish, style, size), giving consumers confidence in their design choices. This leads to increased conversion rates, reduced returns and better customer satisfaction.  What’s more, a ‘smart’ eCommerce experience gives the consumer peace of mind and an elevated, “shareable” shopping experience.

In order to complete the customer journey puzzle, enhanced customer experiences are driven by great content as much as great UX. The focus needs to be to provide technology-driven, industry leading, 3D asset creation, at speed and at the right cost – allowing you to make every product playable for the ultimate “try before you buy” experience.

3 – Increasing Conversion Rates

Keeping it simple is key. A disjointed user experience where the customer is pushed from browser, to app and back again can have a detrimental impact on your conversion. That’s why it’s vital to have a seamless flow between your AR, VR and interactive tools… and take your customer from Engagement to Immersion to Conversion as seamlessly as possible.

This logic applies regardless of whether your KPI is customer acquisition, customer awareness or sales.

Understanding where to use technologies which have a narrow scope of functionality (but are “plug and play”), and when to build custom platforms and integrations is the key to success.

We recommend creating custom integrations for clients i.e. tools that work on your web platform rather than a separate app. For example:

We deliver seamless shopping experiences that can make a demonstrable difference to your bottom line.

Is now the time to invest?

Google research shows that 66% of consumers are interested in using AR to enhance their shopping experience. Covid has forever shifted people’s habits further into the digital space and even as we return to normal these patterns will continue. The key question is balancing the cost versus ROI. At Creative Content Works we always advise clients on the right fit for their goals and objectives rather than pushing a product that we want to sell. RealityIQ provides the digital transformation knowledge, bespoke tools and custom integrations that brands and retailers need to supercharge their CX.

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