May 10, 2021

Serious Pig: How Do You Make Pigs Fly without Spending a Fortune?

How to make Pigs Fly without spending a fortune.

We first worked with premium snack brand Serious Pig in the summer of 2020. Founder, George Rice, approached us with a very specific ask. They needed to significantly raise their profile in supermarkets, they needed to do this quickly and without the marketing resources of a global snack brand. That is the sort of challenge we love.

We very quickly came up with the idea of Crunch Time where users have to decide what the snacks go best with, whether they should share them, eat them inside or outside. All serious questions!

This idea was quickly made into a series of films for instagram that performed brilliantly. The facebook algorithm that judges brand films on Instagram based on clarity of message, design and viewing stats gave our film top marks, meaning we got promoted and shared vastly more than normal brand films.

The snacks began to fly off the shelves. So we were asked to think about a bigger brand awareness campaign. Enter stage right Joe Wilkinson.

Our idea was to cast the 8 Out Of 10 Cats and After Life comedian as a reluctant brand ambassador. We didn’t have a brief. We didn’t need to do any brand strategy. We just presented one idea to George. Six weeks later we went live with some new content that is already starting to get rave reviews.

Proving the VM+ hybrid model idea of combining top creative talent with production expertise these films were written, produced, directed and edited in-house. No middle men, no confusion, no delay just a super slick way to make content. Based on this method we were able to make these films in a fraction of the time and fraction of the cost of a traditional ad agency and production company relationship.

We don’t just believe this is about saving costs. We believe a smaller, more experienced team produces better work. Our team of four did everything from start to finish, letting Joe feel comfortable on set to work his magic.

The simple idea is Joe being a reluctant spokesperson for the brand. His initial awkwardness and buffoonery is immediately eye-catching and intriguing. In the four films Joe is finally persuaded to play ball by the seriously quality taste of the snacks that include, Snackalami, Crunchy Snacking Cheese (made from 100% cheese!),  Snacking Pickles and Croutons.

Early feedback is promising with writer, speaker and broadcaster Pete Brown simply tweeting : “This is how you do advertising.”

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