July 5, 2022

The 5 Best Creative Chocolate Ads Of All Time 

With World Chocolate Day fast approaching, we took it to our creative team to vote for their favourite chocolate TV ads, creative branding and commercials of all time. We hope we’ve done enough to whet your appetite with these delicious delights…

First up is a selection from our very own James Cooper and Flo Heiss. Flo and James are part of our creative team and behind some hugely successful creative campaigns including work with Brewdog, Niantic, Serious Pig, Wildfarmed and many more...   

Before we dive in, go grab a cuppa coffee and your favourite chocolate bar. Enjoy!...

Have a break, have a…

Well, let’s start with the classic. Have a break, have a….. 

You already know how to finish that sentence. Kit Kat has stuck with that line for so long. If you type ‘kitk’ into apple it autocorrects to Kit Kat. How many other brands can claim that? 

With such a strong idea Kit Kat are able to do what most brands can only dream of. They can comment on culture. When anyone needs a break, send them a Kit Kat. No one needs to explain the product anymore, which leads to some really interesting creative opportunities. 

Cadbury’s Gorilla Advert

Another creative opportunity that no one really saw coming was the Gorilla film for Cadbury. Cadbury took the simple idea of joy - the joy of eating Dairy Milk and made films around that. 

The Gorilla drumming to Phil Collins’ “Something In The Air Tonight” is one of the most memorable pieces of pop culture this century. Come take a trip down memory lane and watch the 2007 classic…


One of the biggest brands in the US is Reece’s. What Reece’s have done better than any other chocolate brand is completely own a colour and visual style. The messaging is always fun but the real confidence comes through the orange, yellow and brown branding. 

On paper, this sounds like a horrible colour combination but it’s completely unmistakeable, and of course those peanut butter cups are completely addictive. 

Tony’s Chocoloney: Crazy About Chocolate, Serious About People

Another product I first saw in the US (even though it’s from Amsterdam) but has made its way over here is Tony’s Chocoloney. What I love about this is the branding. It looks so weird. The type is all off. When you open the bar it’s full of crazy shapes. It’s very thick. I once chipped a tooth on a bar, but it’s so good that I don’t hold a grudge. 

Tony’s is what we call a purpose led company but they get the balance of the messaging just right. The product looks and tastes amazing and then when you investigate more, you read about their mission to make chocolate 100% slave free. A neat trick to deliver that message in a fun way. 

Snickers: You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

We live in a time where there are a very few big new ideas that come out of a traditional ad agency piece of strategy. The last great, big global idea I can remember coming from an agency was ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ for Snickers. 

The beauty of a strategic idea like that is that when you look back on it, it seems so simple, so obvious. You could argue that perhaps that idea could be suited to a different chocolate bar but again, it’s been executed so perfectly that again (just like Kit Kat) it’s now completely entwined and interchangeable with the brand. 

As this idea keeps going, it allows the agencies to create more and more great ads. 

Will it last as long as “Take a Break”? We can only hope so. 


We hope our chocolate-filled selection hit the sweet spot! 

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James and Flo first got together in 2005. They ran Dare which was “Agency of The Year” three years in a row under their leadership and “Campaign’s Agency of the Decade”. 

Dare was sold so James moved to New York. He was head of creative for betaworks, the start-up studio that made GIPHY. He helped it grow from a weekend hack to a $1billion company. 

After a few stints at Anomaly and Google James moved back to London in late 2019.

Flo recently relaunched Coke globally with Wieden & Kennedy and was responsible for the hugely successful I AM PUNK campaign for BrewDog at his former agency, The Studio of Art & Commerce. 

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