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Premium Nordic bathroom designer, Iconic Nordic Rooms needed 2 new lifestyle sets creating to bring their product range to life and sought CCW’s help.



Iconic Nordic Rooms (INR) stands for premium Nordic bathroom design with an intelligent interior - created in materials that last the stresses and strains of everyday life. INR was founded back in 1988 in Skåne and is now the Swedish market leader in shower solutions. Headquartered in Malmö, they also have production in Jönköping and Malmö.

Did you know that over a 15 year period, the average family opens and closes the shower fourty-five thousand times? - And the bathroom drawer at least double that? This makes the bathroom by far the most vulnerable room in the home. That’s why INR designs, produces and sells bathroom furniture that lasts. INR needed marketing content to reflect their luxurious design and quality that lasts. That’s where we come in!


Back in 2021, Iconic Nordic Rooms (INR) launched a new product line - GRAND Walnot™. It’s walnut, but not quite as you know it. In collaboration with Italian Alpi S.p.A., the world's leading manufacturer of ecologically sustainable wood composite veneer.

GRAND Walnot both looks and feels like a genuine walnut but is created from something completely different. How is that possible?
INR craft the best design and quality – but also care about the planet. Just like our CGI, it’s magic.

setting the scene

For this particular project, we were set the task of building 2 believable and beautiful Nordic environments using the latest in CGI and product rendering. A minimalist Oslo Apartment in the day and Stockholm apartment at Dusk. From here we worked closely with INR's marketing team to produce 2 CG roomsets for 2 product ranges, across 2 locations.

Our talented team of stylists, 3D artists and animators loved working with INR to bring their products to life. We worked extensively with INR's design team to elevate their layouts and embrace the latest in Interior Styling trends.

INR is a luxury brand with a strong style identity, so it was key that our designs align with their visual language and are cohesive across their platform and in all their channels.

"The designs are centered around luxury penthouse living, complete with breathtaking views of Scandinavian cityscapes, and a minimal, Nordic style to make sure that the Grand Walnot Vanity unit is the absolute star of the show.

Materiality and detail are ESSENTIAL WHEN IT COMES TO MINIMAL Scandinavian design.
It's all about striking the right balance between clean, sleek finishes and rustic, raw properties to create a harmonious scheme with power and purpose."

Head of Styling at CCW

"Building real life bathrooms in a studio once a year was our traditional way of working. It was costly and incredibly time consuming. Often we ended up with only a few images and had to either delete or rely on retouch once product changes were made.

a year or two later We did a test project with CCW back in 2017 and were stunned by the quality of the images. FAST FORWARD A YEAR AND we'D renewed our entire CATALOGUE of images and produced hundreds of new high-quality images as well as animations together with CCW.

Our B2B clients as well as the consumers love theSE images so I couldn't be happier with our collaboration. The work process is smooth and we get a lot of value for money. NOT TO MENTION it's fun too!"

Nordic Creative Marketing Manager at Iconic Nordic Rooms

the details

With our beautifully composed and styled cameos, we've been able to capture the craftsmenship and quality of their product range for use across all their channels - online, in store and print.

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